The Re-start collection disrupts the beige trend and the austerity of quarantine fashion. He draws inspiration from the Bridgerton series from the Regency period, which, unlike today, did not suffer from a lack of social events. She was created for pleasure.

I wanted to bring more happiness into my life. It is about extravagance, details, colors and abstract patterns created in collaboration with the painter Martin Prachar. Materials such as merino wool knit, silk and recycled chiffon are used.

I focused on creating a capsule wardrobe, the parts of which are simply combined and layered. All outfits are complemented by variable leather bags.

The collection was presented as part of MBPFW 21 in the VAN GRAFF JUNIOR TALENT category.

Kidney Re-start

It adapts to the unique needs of each owner. The kidney consists of 4 parts, where each part of the set can be worn both together and separately. To the last part. Use the strap separately, for example as a trouser belt.


Merino vest

Merino wool is warm in winter and cool in summer, so the vests will face heat and cold with you, from spring to winter. In addition, the material is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.