Candy shop

The Candy Shop collection presents playfulness, unusual shapes and color combinations inspired by sweets. Milkshake Tote bag, Dessert bag and Muffin case allow you to sin without unnecessary regrets.

When designing, I examined two human senses - taste and sight and the border between them. We know the taste of sweet and I wanted to translate it into a visual sense, so that the collection has a sweet effect on the eyes.

The collection was presented in the autumn 2022 design confectionery created for Czech Design Week and won the CZECH GRAND AWARD.

Milkshake tote bag

A bag built to carry a laptop while looking for the perfect cafe to work in.


Dessert bag

It is based on the shape of a roll with whipped cream and is best used as a briefcase, a shoulder bag or with a strap as a crossbody bag, even for a cake!


Muffin case

Created to keep everything important at hand!

The phone case also contains 2 external compartments for cards and 1 front compartment for various small items.

Tip: Do you have a carabiner on your keys? Attach it with the keys to one of the metal wheels located at the back - and you have everything you need with you.